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Member Testimonials 2013

On 1st October we held a Meet and Greet event in Swansea, below are a few comments we received;


‘’Thanks for the session this morning - I found it really useful, informative and a great way to network’’.
Paul Cheadle, Allasso Horizon


‘’It was a good meeting this morning - thanks for facilitating. It always amazes me of the breadth and scale of the business stock in Wales!’’
Ed White, White Capital Consulting


‘’Thank you also for arranging the meeting. I found it very insightful and productive and I will certainly be returning at the next event.’’
Charlie Ryley,
Pinnacle Telecom (Wales) Ltd

In response to the launch of our membership loyalty initiative, we received the following comment;
''We are proud to be a member of the SWC and also thank you for your support over the years. It is very nice to see our loyalty rewarded and we thank you for it''.
Flexicare Medical Limited

Member Testimonials 2012

ADW Consulting:
'The whole process of achieving ISO9001 certification was made painless by Alun's constructive approach to our systems. Without his cost effective contribution over a relatively short period of time we would have seriously struggled with the formal audit by BSI. Many thanks from all involved at Riverside'
From Riverside Industrial Equipment

Member Testimonials 2011

Based on my ADW Consulting profile and service offerings held within the business directory of the Chamber website, I secured a piece of work in February to build and implement an ISO9001 management system leading to successful external assessment with fellow Chamber member CC Morgan & Son of Cwmbran. Certification was subsequently quickly achieved without any identified non conformance in July. I subsequently received the following related testimonial from Ceri Morgan:
'Alun was an absolute delight to work with. Very professional with such a pleasant demeanour which made the task of achieving ISO9001 certification flow with such ease. He made every visit a pleasant experience and not a laborious chore'.
Immediately following my article in Chamberchat Issue 1, 2011 based on working with a new division of the Principality Building Society Group to help them successfully achieve their ISO9001 certification, I subsequently engaged and began work with another Chamber member, Riverside Industrial Equipment of Bridgend to assist them in achieving an integrated management system of ISO9001 (quality); BS18001 (health & safety) and ISO14001 (environmental) over the coming months.

Member Testimonials 2010

JCP Solicitors

Steve Penny, Managing Partner, said: "JCP has been an active member of the Chamber for at least 10 years. We feel that the strength and positive business message of the Chamber brand reflects our own strategies and to that end the South Wales Chamber of Commerce (SWCC) is an ideal partner for JCP.

"Our initial involvement with the West Wales Chamber of Commerce (WWCC) before the merger greatly strengthened the awareness of our business and services in the community therefore, our decision to become Patron Members was a natural step. We are certain that our relationship and profile with both the Chamber and its members will go from strength-to-strength."

Kathy Fox, Managing Director of The Maltings, said: “The South Wales Chamber of Commerce is a fantastic support mechanism for businesses in South Wales. The fact that it now spans the breadth of South Wales means that it has opened up new and exciting opportunities for its members. We’re extremely proud to be a Patron Member of this dynamic organisation and delighted that its Cardiff office is housed with us at The Maltings.” 

David Challenger and Kate Reid, Partners of Watts Gregory LLP, said: "We became Strategic Members for the CF postcode during the Autumn of 2009. Since then we have had excellent contact with the team who have helped us to develop links within the Chamber. They listen to and understand our goals as members. Everyone involved has shown a high level of enthusiasm. A very good start!" 

Jon Hollins, Managing Director of freshbaked PR, said: “There are many business networks, but only one Chamber. Chamber members are passionate about doing business in Wales, and doing business with other Chamber members. Joining the South Wales Chamber of Commerce provides access to an instant family of business contacts, potential customers and people who are willing to listen and help you grow your business as they grow theirs.”

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