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Membership Terms and Conditions for South Wales Chamber of Commerce

By proceeding with the registration process for membership of South Wales Chamber of Commerce via hard copy or online application form, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. In this agreement, a Member is defined as a member of the South Wales Chamber of Commerce from the date of monies received in for the required amount. Membership is for 12 months. Once membership is taken up, it will run its 12 months and will be automatically renewed unless notice is received to cancel the membership 3 months prior to the anniversary date in writing.

1. Parties These terms and conditions form the basis of the legal relationship between a Member and the South Wales Chamber of Commerce.

2. Applications for Membership
Membership of the South Wales Chamber of Commerce is open to any business either public or private, or individuals in a business environment.

3. Membership Fees
3.1 You agree to pay an annual payment (Annual Subscription) to the South Wales Chamber of Commerce, the sum of which is set by the South Wales Chamber of Commerce.

3.2 You agree to make a payment which is equal to the Annual Subscription on the date that you make an application to become a member of the South Wales Chamber of Commerce and annually thereafter.

3.3 Membership fees correspond to the number of employees in the member company. The South Wales Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to cancel or amend a membership if these details provided to the Chamber are deliberately misleading.

4. Member Responsibility It is the members’ responsibility to inform the South Wales Chamber of Commerce specifically of any change in the company’s details, such as; 

  •  A change in point of contact dealing with the company’s membership with full contact details. (Name, position, contact number, email) 
  • A change in the company’s address along with new contact details]
  • A significant change in the number of employees. E.g. 10% 

5. Termination
Should you wish to cancel your membership, you are required to do so in writing 3 months before the membership expiry date. Unless such notice of intention is given, the next annual subscription falls due and the full membership fee shall become a debt legally recoverable with an administration fee of £35.00 + VAT in absence of payment made by end of anniversary of renewal month. Any subscription is payable in full. You will not be entitled to any refund, either in full or part, of any annual subscription that you have paid.

The South Wales Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to refuse membership and to terminate membership should the ongoing activities of the member be deemed a reputational risk to the Chamber brand.
Members Privacy and Data Protection

We take the privacy of our members and all visitors seriously and the Chamber will only use any personal data collected during your use of the South Wales Chamber of Commerce Website in accordance with current UK data protection legislation and these Terms.

Members agree that company details can be forwarded to other members unless members request otherwise to the South Wales Chamber of Commerce. 

Events and International Trade Documents Terms and Conditions for South Wales Chamber of Commerce

Online bookings will be processed through Sagepay and the transaction will be between the You and NGCCEI
Where a refund is available, any payment made using a credit or debit card through the Sagepay system will be refunded back onto the same card.
Bookings & Cancellation Policy  
  • Unless previously agreed, all payments must be made by credit or debit card at the time of booking the event.
  • All cancellations must be faxed or e-mailed to us.
  • For cancellations we require six weeks’ notice of the day of the event by 5pm.This excludes weekends. The deadline is therefore 5pm on the 26th September 2014. 
  • Full refunds will only be refunded if at least six weeks notice before the event is given.
  • If a booking is not cancelled and the delegate does not attend, the full events charge remain payable.
  • Discounts apply to members of South Wales Chamber of Commerce only.
  • We reserve the right to change the programme, presenter, venue and alter or cancel published dates without liability. Provisional bookings cannot be accepted and bookings will be confirmed on receipt of the signed booking form.
How to Make Payment
  • Via our website
  • By debit or credit card by logging in to our website or by telephoning Jacqueline Davies on 01633 242729 or Jo Holvey 01633 242718.
Reviewed 19th August 2013
British Chambers of Commerce Accredited Chamber